General Policy
  1. Shuttle service is permitted only for passengers traveling on same day departures of Asiana flights OZ201 and OZ202 at free of charge.(Excluded Driver's Tip:$5/per person)
  2. Prior reservation is required and all passengers must bring a reservation voucher for shuttle service.
  3. You must make your shuttle reservation 24hours prior to the departure. We do not take any responsibliity if reservation is full. (First-come First -Serve)
  4. We assume no responsibility due to late passengers boarding.
  5. Infants and children who do not bring car seats shall not be permitted to use our shuttle services

  6. Please be advised that all passengers must show up at the designated shuttle pick-up area at least 20 minutes prior to scheduled shuttle departure time. Shuttles are schedule to depart on time, however, schedules are subject to change without notice.
  7. Please reconfirm with your travel agent or help desk at least 24 hours prior to your departure for shuttle operation status.
  8. This shuttle service is provided by Asiana Airlines Contracted Travel Agencies, and not Asiana Airline. Asiana Airlines will not be held responsible for any unexpected irregularities that may occur.
  9. For all other inquires or comments, please call to help desk during our business hours(9:00am ~ 6:00pm) or
Baggage Policy [Beginning JUNE 18TH, 2014 based on shuttle date]
Because space on our vans is limited, and you will be sharing the ride with other customers, we do have limitations on how much each customer can bring onto the van.
For each passenger, at no extra cost, we accept:
  1. NO BOX
  2. 2 checked luggage pieces, each weighing 50 pounds(22.6kg) or less
  3. 1 carry-in item. (Carry-on item is smaller item that can be stowed safely on your lap or on the floor in front of you during the ride)
  4. 1 carry-on piece of lugggage for Infants.
    ** 3rd or more Check-in Bag = $50 per baggage
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